We help your patients get to long-distance referral appointments

Benefits for your patients

Not everyone has access to transport and with the current Covid-19 situation playing havoc with public transport; we offer a friendly veterinary referral service all year round. If appointments run on or are delayed, we will be there to bring them back no matter what.

Benefits for your Veterinary clinic

Become more accessible

For owners who have mobility or general difficulty reaching your vet practice, they now have a reliable option.

Decrease cancellations

If the weather is bad, the owner is ill, or a vehicle has broken down, having us is a great back up plan all year round.

Better experience

Owners feel more comfortable trusting their beloved pets with a pet transport service than strangers in an ordinary taxi.

Retention of customers

Build loyalty by using fetcher to reduce any unnecessary friction when bringing the pet to the vet.

Inspected & authorised

We hold the highest license type issued by DEFRA, including a full DEFRA inspection certificate valid until 2025.

No hidden fees, ever!

We never charge for delays, traffic costs or random surchages. Life can be unpredictable and we won't add fees because of this.

Your patients can book quickly & easily

Pet owners can send an enquiry, however if patients don’t have access to the internet they are welcome to call us and we can process the booking. All successful bookings are confirmed via email and patients may also receive text confirmation if they opt-in for it.

happy dog after being transported by Fetcher from Yeovil to Winchester for a specialist veterinary appointment

Owners can follow the journey

There are thousands of reasons why a pet may be going to the vet and some of those are bound to cause a lot of anxiety to the owners. We’ve implemented a simple solution for them to follow along the journey in real time, as well as update messages to help reduce the stress and uncertainty. We will also pass on any information that the owner needs to be aware of.