Which dog car cages do fetcher use?

TransK9 dog car cages

We use TransK9 crash-tested, high quality, safe and comfortable dog cages.

Firstly, thank you TransK9

Sharon and Robert have been utterly amazing to deal with and we will always be thankful for how they helped Fetcher get running. We look forward to a long pet transport relationship with TransK9.


Why we use TransK9 dog boxes?

We use these dog boxes in all our vehicles because they have been designed and built by true animal lovers who demonstrably care about safety and the wellbeing of the animals.

Beyond that, the level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into these cages is incredible. There are cheaper, rattly metal cages out there on places like eBay but we’re transporting animals, the ultimate precious cargo, we think they deserve the best.


We go for quality over quantity

Noise causes stress, metal on metal equals vibrations, rattling and annoying low humming noises – not a big deal if you’re a human, but animals have sensitive ears and deserve better.

We did it differently, we used TransK9  as there are no squeaks, nothing rattling as we drive over bumpy roads, just quiet, tactile functions, solidly built crates for our pets to rest in.

Who are TransK9?

TransK9 is a family business started in 2003 by dog lovers – Robert and Sharon Marshall. Based in Scotland surrounded by exceptional outdoor beauty, it is here Sharon and Robert combine a love of dogs with their expertise in building quality products for animals.

They are passionate about what they do and state they value their customers; the testimonials of which reflect this dedication to providing a quality service. There are so many customers from all over the UK and beyond singing their praises, including us at Fetcher who have been blown away by them and the cage build quality.

TransK9 dog transit boxes

They specialise in dog transit boxes and dog cages. There is almost certainly a cage that fits your vehicle and specific needs – whether that is a huge box or a spacesaving single cage.

They stock double cages, single boxes or combo dog cage with drawer systems. With complimentary accessories including: storage drawers, anchorage kits, airflow fans, veterinary bedding, bumper mats and tailgate protectors.

How they do it

The cage quality speaks for itself. They’ve been designed and manufactured to have an extremely strong structure that withstands day to day wear, is easy to maintain, clean and install.

The designs incorporate leading safety features, functionality and comfort for your animals. All crates are independently crash tested from front and rear impacts, vulnerability testing and worst case scenario crashes.

Looking for your own TransK9 crate?

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