Please note - we're based in the South West of England

Here to support the heroes

Rescue centres are particularly hit hard by the impact of Covid. We want to help where we can and offer heavily discounted rates for rescues and other pet charities. We are here to help you facilitate the safe rehoming of animals who need new homes.

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We are available in the South West of England

It makes most sense for us to help and support your rescue or charity if you are also in the South West. We are happy to travel outside of this area for you or your pet owners, whether for supply runs, collecting abandoned pets for you or rehoming them.

Overflow services for rescues

If you have a small fleet and are operating at maximum capacity, we can step in and take care of some transport services for you at our charity/rescue rates. We do not make profit on these journey’s but we hope to be a valuable asset to your continued success, so if you need a spare driver please get in touch and we can start helping you help the pets who need it.

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