Public Loss Adjusters

At Public Loss Adjusters, we work for the policy holder, not for the insurance company. You can be certain that PLA will always put your best interests first. Public Loss Adjusters will handle your insurers directly for you, so there is no hassle for you and action is taken as quickly as possible so your property is returned back to its pre-loss state.public loss adjusters

Public Loss Adjusters strive to be the best claims specialist on the market, so you can be confident we will always try our best to get what you deserve and keep you happy.

What Public Loss Adjusters Can Do For You?

Public Loss Adjusters can supply you with a class A loss adjusting service that ensures that you get the best settlement for your damaged property from your insurer. They also supply you with an extensive report when the damage has been done. Every bit of damage is accounted for to make sure that your insurer is made to pay the right amount of money so your property is returned back to pre-loss state.

We also provide a free loss adjusting service if you choose one of our provided contractor to see out your repair work. We also work on a no win no fee basis.  We will talk to the insurance company directly for you to take some of the stress and hassle off your hands – because of our vast years of experience we know how to deal with the insurers for you. If you have any other questions you want to ask, then please visit our website at or call us on 08000 434 999.

Public Loss Adjusters will always put your interests first when dealing with these matters – when we contact your insurer, we will always keep you updated and only do what you feel is right while offering guidance. Making you happy and returning your home to its pre-loss state are our priorities when dealing with these cases, so you can be assured you are in extremely good hands when choosing Public Loss Adjusters.

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