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Specialising in pet transport

DEFRA inspection certificate holders

Sound-proofed to encourage sleep

Always kept at stable temperatures

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Why your cats and dogs will love our pet courier service

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Winning trust by being honest

We strive to earn the trust of our customers and enjoy the word of mouth referrals that come from going above and beyond as a pet courier. It is an absolute joy to chauffeur pets to their forever homes and we are proud to offer excellent treatment of your pets from start to finish.

We continue to be trusted by licensed breeders, loving pet owners and rescues, because our focus is on animal welfare and working with DEFRA to ensure we always deliver a high quality pet transport service. This attracts the attention of pet owners who want a transparent pet courier.

How it works

Send a pet transport enquiry and we will give you a custom quote that match yours and the pets needs. We then arrange collection with your breeder or rescue centre. On collection day we ensure a safe, comfortable journey for your cats and dogs, all the way up to your front door.

Send us an enquiry, we'll send you a no obligation quote

We travel to your breeder or rescue centre for collection

We transport your pets directly to your door anywhere in the UK

Pet courier journey breakdown

There is a great option to have your pet transported directly from your breeder or rescue to your door: Fetcher. We’re dedicated to providing excellent pet transport whether your journey is 3 hours long or a longer distance trip from the very south of the UK to the very North.

Based in Dorset, our day starts nice and early depending on your breeder or rescue centres location. It may take us several hours to reach there before the real journey begins. Once arrived we will spend time with your breeder or rescue, checking over the paperwork and making sure your pets are healthy to travel.

Once your pets are safely transitioned and settled in the vehicle, we’ll let you know that by text. We’ll also let you know the exciting part, collection complete – Fetcher will now begin the pet courier journey to the delivery address and you can follow along with our tracking link to watch the journey in real time.

As you refresh the screen every 5 seconds, we’ll be driving to you. Your pets likely fast asleep, enjoying their leg room and luxury amenities; including sound-proofed cabin. Every few minutes closer and closer. Until finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for months – knock knock, your pets are here!

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Standard features of Fetcher

Dedicated pet couriers

Our vehicles are designed for safe, reliable and comfortable pet transport.

DEFRA inspection holders

We are one of only a few pet couriers who are DEFRA inspection holders.

Thermally insulated

Cold days we keep them warm. Hot days we keep them cool.

Emergency vet care

In an emergency we will rush to the nearest vet, covered by our insurance.

Collection or drop off

We offer collection and drop off at airports, train and ferry terminals

Fully insured

We hold the correct vehicle insurance, public liability and animal insurance.

Frequently asked questions

Pet courier costs can vary depending on your provider. Fetcher costs up to £1.50 per mile. We do not load our vans with multiple pets from households “multi dropping”. However, the average prices in the UK for pet relocation costs are between:

£200 to £450 for long or complex journey’s, such as Scotland to Bournemouth or London to France.

Shorter pet relocation from Devon to Dorset, or London to Somerset would range between £110 to £250.

The price you pay is based on the distance of your pet travel as well as other factors such as special requirements, if they’re an older animal with health conditions or if we need to stop off at any vets along the way. All prices will be agreed beforehand with no nasty surprises, some pet transportation services charge for things like waiting in traffic or surcharges for needing to clean up after any accidental messes.

There is enough room for your pet to move about and stretch and enough comfortable bedding in the cage to sleep the entire way home. The van isn’t stuffed with dozens of small cages, we go for quality not quantity. Our setup has been inspected by DEFRA and the inspector was blown away by the extra level of detail and attention to animal wellbeing; we are one of the only pet couriers in the country that have sound-proofed their vehicle.

Cats and dogs respond to different ambient noises, whether that’s calming nature sounds or slow classical music, your pet will essentially be travelling first class in comparison to other pet transport out there.

A soothing voice is on hand to provide reassurance, and if your pet needs a break, ensuring we have consent from you first, we will lock all the doors and give them some cuddle time until they are ready to get back on the road, we also do this at the start of the journey and don’t leave until they are starting to relax.

We recommend your breeder or rescue centre provides their favourite toys, blankets or other comforts as this will help keep them happy. Although freshly washed bedding and chews (dogs) are provided if not, including spares for any unexpected “little accidents”.

We always supply water; your cats, dogs, rabbits and any other pets must be kept well hydrated throughout their journey – if it’s a scorching summer day, we will have refreshing cooled water for your pet to enjoy. The water bowls are attached to the internal cage system, with minimal spillage, however, if the water gets low at any time – we will top it right back up. We drink from the same source of water, which is likely the filtered water we top up each day from home.

Pet transporters can be very safe and a dedicated pet courier is one of the most convenient ways for your pets to travel.

Not only do we use industry-leading, crash-tested cages, but we have full public liability insurance and specific pet transportation cover for your peace of mind. Our vehicles are also tracked, with fitted SOS tech that will alert emergency services of our location and status in the event of a crash during pet travel.

We love what we do and we love animals. It’s a cliché to say these things – every pet courier says the same mantra; but our transport business stems from loving our pets and a life-long passion for animals.

Pet travel is very rewarding and meeting UK pet owners is always  a great part of our day.  For us, there is no greater pleasure than to reunite pets with owners after pet travel, or more commonly to introduce a fur baby to their forever home. The look of joy (and relief), the smiles, tears (happy), warmth and happiness, it all stays with you. Ready for the next day to do it all over again, transport UK wide.

Yes and yes. We are one of few pet couriers that have the correct insurances and covers in place; including specialist animal haulage/hire for reward vehicle insurance, full public liability and breakdown cover with specific onward journey pet travel – so we can ensure the journey keeps moving.

There are quite a few DEFRA type 1 (and 2) license holders who just buy “van insurance”, which in the event of an accident will be void for transporting pets. Sadly there is a myth that all you need is “pet taxi” insurance which is something completely different; in the unlikely event of an accident, any promises they make you of “vet cover” and “emergency treatment” will be non-existent and could cost you thousands.

If something is cheap, there is usually a reason. If the price of the journey is similar to that in fuel costs, then your pet will not be alone in that trip. With that being said, some people don’t mind where the pet is placed, whether it’s in the back of a lorry next to a piano and a fridge or being transported for hours in a small cage next to cages containing cats, dogs and other species which will cause them stress. 

Most pet owners know that you wouldn’t introduce a new cat to a dog in the same room on first meeting; you also wouldn’t place two cats in the same room that hadn’t met either. But still, some people are happy to pay cheap transport costs and place their pets in one van; in a confined space, separated only by a thin cage. 

We provide a high level of service and offer excellent value for the money. We’re not a generic delivery van or a post man; the price you pay includes a dedicated, trustworthy animal lover who will spend every second of the journey personally making sure your pet is safe and happy.

When your animals’ safety and wellbeing is part of the equation, the costs should only be one of many deciding factors. Our prices reflect the level of service we provide, which is a tailor-made journey for your pets. Our focus is on keeping your pets happy, which a quieter vehicle helps to do, while also giving you a competitive price. We do not charge you extra if there is traffic (some do!), there are no random fees or bolt-on, the price you see is the price you will pay.

Travelling with pets in ordinary vans can be extremely stressful for them. Loud engine bays, rattly metal on metal cages, vibrations, no soundproofing in the base, walls and roof of the vehicle. Meaning hours of vibrating wheel arches, tyre roar, rumbling traffic, beeps. All whilst in unfamiliar surroundings. Imagine you were in the back of one of these vans, even sat there for hours. This is not relaxing for humans, so why would it be for far more sensitive little ears?

Fetcher have muffled or eliminated these sources in our vehicles, we have invested a lot of resource and money into tackling airborne, vibration, structure and impact noise. With additional extras, we believe our vans are much quieter than your average pet courier.