Free microchip scanning

Help us fight the illegal trade of pets

We scan your animals microchips for free, so we can help fight the trade of illegal pet farming, as well as lost and stolen pets​.

Avoid fake ads and "too good to be true" stories

The Government and other agencies are trying to crack down on illegal pet trades, but sadly they still go on. If a pet advert seems too good to be true, such as a low price for a “pedigree”, or a “free” animal and all you have to do is pay for the transport. If you see an advert like this, something may be very wrong, either the pet doesn’t exist or worse the pet suffers from health problems, which could potentially financially cripple you as many pet insurers will not cover pre-existing conditions or worse, the pet may not survive treatment.

Find out about your pet

We are supporters of Lucy’s Law and animal welfare which is why we scan the microchip of all the pets we transport. Our scanner can detect if the pet is registered as missing, or if the breeder says the pet is microchipped, we can confirm and verify that the number matches. Whilst not a guarantee, it certainly helps you determine who your pet really is and who it belonged to.

About the Halo Scanner

The Halo Scanner is a microchip scanner that reads FDX-B (15 digit) and FDX-A (10 digit) microchips.


We use the Halo Scanner so we can identify if a microchip is present on your pet which is important if the breeder said they were chipped and also to identify if the chip matches what the breeder is saying.

When the Halo microchip scanner is used with Scanner Angel® software, the microchip numbers of missing animals from a number of databases are downloaded into the Halo.
If the Halo then scans one of those missing animals, the Halo will immediately alert the user that the animal has been reported missing.