Covid pet transport safety and booking info

We are constantly updating our procedures and policies based on the latest Government advice. It is a strange and tricky time for many and things can change on a daily basis, we will try our best to keep you informed. We are authorised and licensed to transport your pets.

Respecting Covid guidelines

In the event of a further national lockdown or a lockdown in your area, Fetcher is authorised to transport your pets. This helps you to keep your plans

We always recommend you follow the guidance issued by APHA, Kennel club, DEFRA, GCCF and other bodies on the most advised ways to get a new furry friend.

Please respect our rules

Please wear masks

We will wear masks around you and kindly ask you do the same. For as long as the Government guidelines suggest, we need to protect one another and crucially, the pets we transport.

Be honest about your pet

If your pet is not old enough to travel, you can invalidate the insurance that is put in place to protect your pet in the event of any accidents or them becoming ill during our care. Please be honest if they have not been vaccinated and please also tell us if they have had fleas or currently have mites.

Tell us if you have symptoms

Most importantly, if you or those you live with have symptoms of Covid-19, please tell us so we can take extra precautionary measures and reschedule free of charge.

Check your local authority

Some local government authorities have introduced travel restrictions and may also halt any purchasing of pets