Nationwide Flood Damage Repair Services

After your home or business has sustained flooding, you will need to call a flood damage repair specialist as soon as possible. These specialists can minimise the damage sustained from flooding as they dry your home and sanitise it after flooding has caused contamination. MMS Contracting can put you in touch with flood restoration specialists many of whom are British Damage Management Association (BDMA) qualified, so they can restore your home to pre-loss conditions after flooding occurs.

Our recommended experts can first trace the source of water, if it has resulted from a leak and then stop any more water from flooding into the building by stopping the flow at the source. This is done before any restoration work is done so the water does not return. Water can encourage the growth of bacteria and mould, as well as damage electrical circuits and cause swelling on the walls that lead to cracks within the walls. Therefore, it is important that first the water flow is cut off.

Then, the flood damage repair process can begin. Using expert equipment, these flood restoration specialists will dry all materials in the property. The air will then be dried using large extractor fans that can eliminate any remaining water vapour which would cause the problems to arise again. For home properties, The recommended flood damage repair specialists will have to perform content manipulation to move your furniture away from the contaminated area for full sanitisation and drying.

After drying the property, they can then determine materials in the home that are most at risk for fungal growth and fostering bacteria. These materials will then be removed from the property and thoroughly sanitised, especially if they have absorbed more water than can be seen on the surface of the material. Electrical appliances are also more susceptible to damage and you can be compensated for these goods if they are irreparably damaged.

These flood restoration companies will always dry all affected materials to the moisture content levels advised by the British Standard, as well as ensuring the immediate and surrounding area has been restored to the pre-loss condition. Once this has been done, a certificate of dryness will be issued to fully certify that the restoration work done was to a high standard and adheres to all standards of health and safety.

If you have been affected by flooding and need flood restoration after your home or business has been affected by flooding, contact Public Loss Assessors who will also ensure that they will manage your insurance claim through its entirety.

The Causes Of Cavity Wall Insulation Problems

Having Trouble with Cavity wall insulation problems? Usually with steel or wooden framed properties, there have been many occasions in which the insulation has been fitted into houses which is structurally unsuitable. Cavity wall insulation problems can also occur in brick or block work constructed properties near the coast as they are subject to wind-driven rain.

Leading to damage, reduced thermal performances and wetting of the cavity insulation, rainwater can penetrate the outer leaf of masonry under severe weather conditions. Resulting in areas of dampness, moisture is able to transfer from the outer to the inner leaves of the wall as there can be an increased risk of rain penetration if a cavity is filled with insulation.

It’s worth checking whether your home is at risk, even though cavity wall insulation causing damp can be rare. If there is a combination of these things, damp may occur in properties if:

  • Your home is exposed to severe rain
  • The external walls are poorly built
  • Your home is located in an unsheltered position

There can be gaps where the insulation hasn’t reached if it has been poorly installed. It may be recommended Cavity wall insulation problemsthat it should be removed as it can cause damp.

It’s possible that urea-formaldehyde may have been injected into your cavity wall if you had it installed a long time ago. Through a combination of gas released from the foam and damp, it can become harmful to your health and over a number of years it will degrade.

What are the signs of Cavity wall insulation problems?

Showing signs that it is defective over time, the installation can cause problems. Some problems with cavity wall insulation which you may notice include:

  • Damp problems, caused by warm air condensing onto cold spots that haven’t been insulated correctly
  • Cold spots, possibly caused by areas of the wall that haven’t been insulated correctly
  • Damaged cavity wall insulation, due to flooding
  • Mould growth, due to the damp
  • Wet insulation, due to defective mortar and water penetration

Leading to damp, the cavity wall insulation can become wet and is likely to dry out when a property has been flooded. The high volume of water used to extinguish the flames in the event of a fire can also water-log the cavity wall insulation.

It is possible to remove the insulation, regardless of whether you have a mineral fibre, expanded polystyrene or urea-formaldehyde insulation. This is usually done by drilling back through the holes which were used for the original installation. A high-pressure vacuum machine is then used to suck the insulation out of the cavity.

If you have been suffering from cavity wall insulation problems visit to find out if you are entitled to claim compensation from poor installation.

Independent Loss Adjusters Working On Your Behalf

Public Loss Adjusters are a Claims Management team who have many years’ experience within the Insurance industry. We are experts in all areas of insurance claims including flood, fire and home insurance claims. We offer the general public a piece of mind as well as professional advice and guidance. With our expert knowledge and experience we are able to provide you with an outstanding outcome. As independent loss adjusters, we do not take instructions from your insurer so you can assured of a fair settlement. We offer a fully co-operative adjusting service making you feel comfortable and protected throughout your claim.

Our Claims Management team are loss adjusters that are experts in various fields. We can help you throughout your insurance claim, every step of the way. We advise the policyholder and the insurance company on all repair methods. After communicating with the policyholder, the expert’s work is to then speak with the insurance company in which speeds up the process of the insurance claim. All of our experienced Loss Adjusters.

Insurance Claims Management Services

Public Loss Adjusters are insurance claims management specialistsWe are able to fully service all of our client’s authority as well as using a direct approach to all involved. Loss Adjusters have much skill when it comes to insurance claims management. When your claim is in our hands we will fully discuss the circumstances of your claim with you and cover all important subjects. All aspects of the Insurance Claim will be handled by us. We will take you through the claim step by step giving you advice throughout.

We provide you with a cost-effective solution to a stressful situation. Our fully qualified Loss Adjusters can give clients advice on repair techniques as well as general information regarding your Insurance Claim. We will assess all of the damage and do our very best to make you feel most at ease. We also communicate with your Insurance Company. We have a very good reputation of providing our customers with a service delivered with excellence. We deliver a high level of professionalism to all our clients, as well as serving you on a personal approach. With expert Loss Adjusters across the UK, we are sure to have all you are seeking regarding your Insurance Claim.

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