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After every journey the outer bedding and blankets are disinfected and washed with Zoflora.

Throughout your pets journey they will have access to water and if the water level gets low we top it up at one of our rest intervals.

We don’t believe in random charges or making you pay for things like unexpected traffic or using extra fuel. The price we quote you is the final price you’ll pay, leaving you to relax knowing we won’t ask for more money from you.

Once you’re happy with the quote you are welcome to pay by bank transfer or by our secure web portal powered by Stripe. 

If you pay the full balance up front we will give you a 5% discount. Those opting to just pay the deposit, we will ask for around 30% of the total journey.

We have to take deposits or the full balance because unfortunately we’ve been hurt before and in the time of Covid, every penny counts to a small business like us. A deposit gives us confidence that our customers are genuine and won’t pull out at the last second.

We are here to be flexible and know that life gets in the way sometimes. This also goes for your breeder and rescue centre, if they need to cancel or amend the date we are flexible.  Please give us at least 48 hours notice before our agreed collection/delivery date; this way we can be fair to other customers and ensure we also don’t lose customers that could have booked on the dates and times you blocked off.

As long as you cancel up to 24 hours before the agreed journey date we will refund you in full. If you need to reschedule that is absolutely fine but please do not cancel hours before we are due to leave or worse, when we are on the way to you. This is incredibly unfair to us.

We’re a small business and dropping us at the last minute means we will likely lose out on a considerable earnings as well as other customers missing out.

If you provide us with a point of contact we are happy to liaise with your breeder or rescue centre on your behalf. This often eliminates errors so we prefer to do this.

On collection day we will be arriving at the collection address early to make sure everything is sorted out correctly. Including checking paperwork, verifying the pets you need collecting, microchip scanning and safely tranisitioning your pets into our vehicle.

You can reach the driver at any point, this often helps keep your nerves under control as it is quite scary trusting strangers with your pets. We will update you at every step of the journey and also share our live location so you can follow along. 

We have onward travel recovery in place, so if our vehicle cannot be fixed by the road side, we will be able to safely swap to another vehicle with the same high quality crash-tested cages.

Stress reduction is our focus

Fetcher specialises in transporting your pets from your breeder or rescue, directly to your door. Inspected by DEFRA and no hidden fees.