About Fetcher

We're Type 2 licensed and inspected by DEFRA

Our mission

We fetch your pets for you when you can’t collect or transport them yourself. Our mission is to bring pets safely to their forever homes. We focus on one journey at a time with an emphasis on the wellbeing and comfort of the pets we transport. 

fetcher courier back of van, displaying UK journey map and fetcher logo

We bring your pets safely to your door

Fetcher will always focus on your pets wellbeing first. The temperature is always stable; warm on freezing days and cool in the heat. Your pet always has access to fresh bedding, fresh blankets, fresh water and a clean environment to rest in.

What makes us different?

We went above and beyond the expectations and requirements of DEFRA. We consulted with animal behaviourists, sound engineers and van conversion experts to reduce noise, reduce stress and increase the wellbeing of your animal. Noise stresses animals and so does the scent, sight and sound of other animals present, which is what they experience in a shared “multi drop” transporter.

Welfare first approach

At our core, Fetcher puts an enormous amount of energy and resource into transporting your pets. We relax the animals, observe and listen to them. We exceed the requirements to pass a DEFRA inspection and are proud to go the extra mile. Not many pet transporters have a DEFRA inspection certificate and we are proud to have ours issued by Logistics UK.