Public Loss Assessors

Public Loss Assessors are here to help the public, not to save the insurance company’s money. Public Loss Assessors battle with your insurers to ensure that you get the best settlement for your claim. We want the best for you, so we take into account all damaged property and belongings, so you are able to achieve the settlement fee that you need to restore everything damaged to its pre-loss state. we have a relentless battle with your insurance company to make sure you receive the full amount as quickly as possible so you can finally calm down and relax in your pre-accident house.Public Loss Assessors

We have a wealth of experience in this industry – we have been in the industry since 1971, and we also have two senior partners who both have over 65 years of combined experience. When you hire Public Loss Assessors, you can be certain that you are in excellent hands – we know exactly how to handle your claim from start to finish.

If you have any questions or wish to know some of the things that Public Loss Assessors can do for you, then please visit the Public Loss Assessors Website or do not hesitate to call our friendly team, who will be more than happy to answer any of your questions on 0800 434 999.

What Public Loss Assessors Can Do For You

Public Loss Assessors will directly contact your insurer for you. We know how stressful this whole situation can be for you, so we try and make it as easy as possible for you. By directly speaking to your insurer for you, we ensure that the claim process is completed as soon as possible, and that you get the best settlement fee for your damaged property.
Public Loss Assessors’ service also comes completely free, provided that you choose one of our preferred contractors to see out your repair work. However, if you decide to choose another contractor to see out your repair work, or choose to take the cash sum for the settlement, then we will take 10% + VAT of this sum as payment for the services that we have provided.

Public Loss Adjusters

At Public Loss Adjusters, we work for the policy holder, not for the insurance company. You can be certain that PLA will always put your best interests first. Public Loss Adjusters will handle your insurers directly for you, so there is no hassle for you and action is taken as quickly as possible so your property is returned back to its pre-loss state.public loss adjusters

Public Loss Adjusters strive to be the best claims specialist on the market, so you can be confident we will always try our best to get what you deserve and keep you happy.

What Public Loss Adjusters Can Do For You?

Public Loss Adjusters can supply you with a class A loss adjusting service that ensures that you get the best settlement for your damaged property from your insurer. They also supply you with an extensive report when the damage has been done. Every bit of damage is accounted for to make sure that your insurer is made to pay the right amount of money so your property is returned back to pre-loss state.

We also provide a free loss adjusting service if you choose one of our provided contractor to see out your repair work. We also work on a no win no fee basis.  We will talk to the insurance company directly for you to take some of the stress and hassle off your hands – because of our vast years of experience we know how to deal with the insurers for you. If you have any other questions you want to ask, then please visit our website at or call us on 08000 434 999.

Public Loss Adjusters will always put your interests first when dealing with these matters – when we contact your insurer, we will always keep you updated and only do what you feel is right while offering guidance. Making you happy and returning your home to its pre-loss state are our priorities when dealing with these cases, so you can be assured you are in extremely good hands when choosing Public Loss Adjusters.

Roofers Blackpool Here to Help You | Roof Doctor

Are you looking for roofers in Blackpool? Does your roof need touching up and given a fresher look to help prevent the insides of your home from being ruined by natural weather causes? This article covers all you need to know from hiring your perfect roofer, to what they can do for you and what services they provide to their clients. There are many Blackpool roofers near you that are willing to help you achieve the roof you want.

Roofers tend to use a mixture of materials to make your roof, as resistant to natural weather causes as possible such as storms and flooding. These materials may include tar, asphalt, gravel, rubber, thermoplastic, metal, and shingles. All of these are used to the greater benefit of supporting your home when its needed the most and to help protect you from further damage causing you to spend more money on renovation.

If a roof isn’t fitted properly, it can easily become damaged and will cause its original purpose to become pointless as it will allow rain to pass through. This can cause damage not just to your roof, but to your entire home through leaks and damp ruining from the furniture to the structure. To prevent this from happening, they tend to use a damp proofing liquid on the exterior and interior of your roof and home. Furthermore, they’ll hammer and chisel away all the roof spots on the roof or they’ll do this with an apparatus known as a rubbing brick.

Why not visit the Roof Doctor website?

Roofers in Blackpool That Can Help

Local Roofers BlackpoolIf you’ve been struggling to sell your home as of recent, this could be the one job that could put your household to the very top of the property marketplace! Most roofing companies will provide a free inspection before any work is considered and will give you a quote. One company who is well respected and does this will, is Roof Doctor; he is eager to help you achieve the roof you want and all work is done to high, professional standard. Wouldn’t you rather not gamble the chance of water leaking into your home and ruining your possessions and taking away the pride you have in your home?

They are more than willing to help you with your roofing problems; give them a call today or visit their website. All work will be done to a high standard and in a reasonable amount of time.

Professional Cleaners Cardiff | Found at Elite Trades

Are you in need of professional cleaners Cardiff? If so, Elite Trades are here to help. On our site, we feature only two companies for each trade per area, supplying you with only two cleaning companies. This not only saves you the time but also the effort from searching through a number of different sites to try and find the best cleaners in Cardiff.

cleanersServices can include both commercial and domestic cleaning and the company’s listed on our directory can draw up a personal, individual plan to meet your specific needs, whether you just simply need a one-off spring clean or a regular housekeeping service.

We know how important it is to know that the cleaning company you choose to carry out the cleaning tasks in your home or business is professional, reliable and flexible. Offering competitive prices and high quality standards, cleaners Cardiff know exactly what is needed from them in order to make your property look and feel the best it possibly can. Some services may include:

  • Dusting
  • Hoovering carpets
  • Mopping hard-surface floors
  • Clean, sanitise and deodorise
  • Polishing
  • And many more

Life is too short to spend your own quality time cleaning! Why not let a professional cleaner take the worry off your shoulders and do the job for you? This allows you to spend your time doing the things you love most with your family and friends rather than worrying about cleaning your home.

We have all felt the stress of cleaning, especially as the tasks soon mount up, making it even more difficult to keep on top of it all. Work and family life should, of course, always take the number one priority over cleaning. To try and reduce your stress levels, why not invite a professional cleaner to your property to take care of it all? It could be one of the best decisions you have ever made!

Public Loss Adjusters Ireland – Irish Specialist Claims Handlers

Have you recently suffered fire or flood damage at your property in Ireland? Do you feel as though there isn’t many alternatives on offer to you besides the insurance companies? Well you no longer have to feel this way due to the Public Loss Adjusters Group opening a new fully operational office in Ireland that is solely for Irish clients.Ireland Site Logo

Our high standard will be maintained throughout and we will still work solely for you with your best interests offer main priority.

At Public Loss Adjusters Ireland we can offer you a professional claims handling service, in which our specialist loss adjusters, who have decades of experience in dealing with claims, will take full control of all claiming procedures on your behalf.

If you are fully insured for property damages, can help you with all the required claiming procedures that are required for a successful claim and overtake them all on your behalf. We will take control of full negotiations with the company that you took your insurance policy out with and do a thorough examination of every aspect of your obtained insurance policy’s terms and conditions.

Additionally when we are performing the entire policy study, we will look out for the following specific points as well as many other points, to ensure they have been inserted into the claim documents so that your chances are of receiving a successful settlement are increased.

  • That your individual circumstances in terms of property damage are actually covered by the insurance policy that you have taken out with the insurance company.
  • That the amounts being claimed by you the claimer and the insurance company are accurate and fair to the situation.
  • That the maximum pay-out according to what is written up in your policy’s terms and conditions, covers the cost of damage and repair occurring,
  • That all items that have been damaged and involved in your property damage, have correctly included and documented in the claim proceeding paperwork.

Our claims professionals know that these above points are necessary to gain a successful result, as they have successfully managed and took control of every step of process numerous times in the past.

Finally, if you are Irish and want to interact with Irish claims professionals, get in touch with the highly skilled specialists at Public Loss Adjusters Ireland today.

Fire Damage Repair – Fully Restoring your Property

Fire Restoration Company

Has your worst nightmare occurred? Has your home or business property been burnt out? Do you feel as though your livelihood has disappeared? Do you just want some degree of closure? If so, you need a trained fire damage repair expert, who works for a registered company/contractors, to help fully restore your property.

Furthermore, if the fire wasn’t your fault, fire damage restoration specialists can help you. They will firstly assess your property, and make reports in terms of the level of dama
ge, cause of damage if not already determined, what’s been damaged by the fire and finally, what needs restoring inside and out of your property.

Additionally, when you thinking of who is appreciate to perform your fire restoration work, there is certain things you need to make sure you do before deciding;

  • Check and do research into whether or not, the trades people you are considering, have all or at least some of the following certificates/qualifications- CHAS, Safe Contractor, ALTUIS, NICEIC, OFTEC, Gas Safe and ROSPA; these will show they are people that know what they are doing in terms of fire damage repair.
  • Do general research into the company name or the trade individual’s name, to ensure they haven’t been known for anything unsatisfactory.
  • Look on the considered person’s/company’s website for testimonials of satisfied customers.

Once a detailed description of the damage occurring at your property, has been done by your chosen contractor, the restoration work can begin. Restoration work that is being done by a credited individual, should be given an appropriate/estimated time of completion. You should keep this original date/time documented and make sure work continues efficiently towards that estimation or else question the reasons.

Finally, when work is completed, you will be able to move or work back in your property as you know that the work will have been performed to the highest standard, due to the correct choice of contractor/s or individual/s, to complete your property’s fire restoration project.

Willow Photographic: Blackpool Photographers

Are you looking for local services from a professional Blackpool Photographer? At Willow Photographic our warm and friendly atmosphere will allow you to become relaxed and comfortable, on what is the most important day of your life your wedding day.

Willow photographic uses the best equipment and software for perfecting your photographs and capturing that perfect smile and amazing atmosphere on your fantastic day.
Willow photographic is based in Blackpool and run by Paul Norton. Paul has been a Blackpool photographer for 25 years, he can capture the delightful essence of your wedding day at a competitive affordable price, which include a high resolution digital formatted disc containing precious moments from your wedding day. Wedding albums or coffee table books can be ordered at an extra cost.

On the big day

Willow Photographic will arrive at your home or hotel on you r special day to take some lovely photos of them precious few hours before the wedding to catch them pre wedding smile and laughter. They will then leave to go to the wedding venue to be with the groom, best man and ushers.

Willow Photographic will be with throughout the whole day catching them precious moments like walking down the aisle, the ceremony, signing of the register, group shots of the family and friends and all them quirky fun moments in-between and during the wedding party.

What they want

Willow photographic main aim is to capture the special moments shared between the bride, groom and the whole wedding party so you have precious memories of your wedding day, memories that you or your party may have missed due to the excitement of you wedding day that you get keep and treasure for ever.

Where to go

Willow Photography is based in Blackpool, Lancashire, but they can also cover Blackburn, Lancaster, Cheshire and York if required. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact them on 07473484609 or 07737179017 or visit their website for more information.

Professional Web Designers in Blackpool


Does your website need a makeover? If so, can we give you the modern-look website you desire? Web design is a continuous technological advance and its glitches and moderations are always changing. Be ahead of the game in terms of technology. Don’t be left in the last century.

Logo of the Web Design and Services CompanyMoreover, due to advancing technology and times moving on, less and less people are using desktop computer set ups to search the internet and look up intended services/ products on company websites. State of the art systems such are now available to work well alongside these advances such as responsive websites, this is where the website layout and viewing will adapt dependant on what handheld device is being used to search and view your specific products and services on your website.

Alternatively, if you’re in the situation that your current website design limiting you to a smaller cliental due to unsatisfactory organisation and layout? Your layout may seem right but a few small and simple changes from the professionals can transform your company’s website from a substandard one to an easy use and up to date exceptional one. This can make a huge difference on your conversion rates i.e. a visitor becoming a customer.

WebWeDo are Professional Web Designers in Blackpool Local companies in the Blackpool area and beyond can be helped by the experienced team at WebWeDo who are specialist Web Designers in Blackpool. Their team of web design specialists will meet your desired needs and expectations, whether if it’s an explosive in the face catchy website you’re after that the customer will remember for company for or equally if you seek a simplistic purpose built website design.

Additionally, if you’re a company with an existing website and require simply a website revamp or maybe need your website’s SEO adapting so that it gets you more out there in your area or maybe nationally, this multi-resource web company can offer you competitive rates on SEO reorganisation. If you move forward with one of the offering SEO plans your website will be work on efficiently and the appropriate wording such as keywords will be added to the website context in order for it to be more relevant to a search term that a visitor may type in to end up on your website.

These changes will enhance your business credentials as a direct result of being on first page as you will be the first person who the searching individual will see when submitting a search for your type of product/ services. Clients of WebWeDo vary from full nationwide companies to Blackpool based small businesses targeting local people in their area.

Introducing Public Loss Adjusters Scotland

Chartered and Independent Loss Adjusters in ScotlandAs part of the Public Loss Adjusting Group Ltd, Public Loss Adjusters Scotland are members of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters (CILA) and are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Our team of chartered loss adjusters  and insurance claims management team will assist and guide you through the entire claims process from start to finish and can take care of meetings, the claim preparation and negotiation of the claim on your behalf.

Appointing your own chartered loss adjuster, Public Loss Adjusters Scotland, will ensure you are treated fairly and that you will achieve the best settlement available under your policy.
PLA’s mission statement is to “obtain 100% of what a policyholder is entitled to and no more” and we do exactly as we say. Having worked in the insurance industry since 1971, we are the only chartered loss adjusters and claims management company who work exclusively for you.
Public Loss Adjusters Scotland deal with claims arising from flood, fire, storm, theft and impact damage. PLA will work with you to act as your authorised representative and we will deal with the insurers and any other party on your behalf.

Insurance Claims Management Services at No Cost to You

Our insurance claims management team are able to work on a no-win-no-fee basis in most cases, if a valid claim is settled and the reinstatement of the building work is carried out by one of PLA’s approved warranted contractor suppliers.

You and your insurer don’t need to pay us any fees as our costs and fees are covered by the approved and authorised contractors and suppliers. If, however, you decide to accept a cash settlement following Public Loss Adjusters Scotland’s professional advice and management of the claim, then a fixed fee of 10% of the final settlement value of the reinstatement is due and payable. This is our fee for acting for you, and covers our professional services and costs, which would usually be covered by the contractors’ network arrangements.

Nationwide Flood Damage Repair Services

After your home or business has sustained flooding, you will need to call a flood damage repair specialist as soon as possible. These specialists can minimise the damage sustained from flooding as they dry your home and sanitise it after flooding has caused contamination. DriTech employ flood restoration specialists who are all British Damage Management Association (BDMA) qualified, so they can restore your home to pre-loss conditions after flooding occurs.

DriTech experts can first trace the source of water, if it has resulted from a leak and then stop any more water from flooding into the building by stopping the flow at the source. This is done before any restoration work is done so the water does not return. Water can encourage the growth of bacteria and mould, as well as damage electrical circuits and cause swelling on the walls that lead to cracks within the walls. Therefore, it is important that first the water flow is cut off.

Dritech Fire and Flood RestorationThen, the flood damage repair process can begin. Using expert equipment, DriTech flood restoration specialists will dry all materials in the property. The air will then be dried using large extractor fans that can eliminate any remaining water vapour which would cause the problems to arise again. For home properties, Dritech’s flood damage repair specialists will have to perform content manipulation to move your furniture away from the contaminated area for full sanitisation and drying.

After drying the property, DriTech can then determine materials in the home that are most at risk for fungal growth and fostering bacteria. These materials will then be removed from the property and thoroughly sanitised, especially if they have absorbed more water than can be seen on the surface of the material. Electrical appliances are also more susceptible to damage and you can be compensated for these goods if they are irreparably damaged.

DriTech will always dry all affected materials to the moisture content levels advised by the British Standard, as well as ensuring the immediate and surrounding area has been restored to the pre-loss condition. Once this has been done, a certificate of dryness will be issued to fully certify that the restoration work done was to a high standard and adheres to all standards of health and safety.

If you have been affected by flooding and need flood restoration after your home or business has been affected by flooding, contact DriTech and visit to gain efficient service that adheres to all requirements of health and safety.

The Causes Of Cavity Wall Insulation Problems

Usually with steel or wooden framed properties, there have been many occasions in which the insulation has been fitted into houses which is structurally unsuitable. Cavity wall insulation problems can also occur in brick or block work constructed properties near the coast as they are subject to wind-driven rain.

Leading to damage, reduced thermal performances and wetting of the cavity insulation, rainwater can penetrate the outer leaf of masonry under severe weather conditions. Resulting in areas of dampness, moisture is able to transfer from the outer to the inner leaves of the wall as there can be an increased risk of rain penetration if a cavity is filled with insulation.

It’s worth checking whether your home is at risk, even though cavity wall insulation causing damp can be rare. If there is a combination of these things, damp may occur in properties if:

  • Your home is exposed to severe rain
  • The external walls are poorly built
  • Your home is located in an unsheltered position

There can be gaps where the insulation hasn’t reached if it has been poorly installed. It may be recommended that it should be removed as it can cause damp.

It’s possible that urea-formaldehyde may have been injected into your cavity wall if you had it installed a long time ago. Through a combination of gas released from the foam and damp, it can become harmful to your health and over a number of years it will degrade.

What are the signs of Problems With Cavity Wall Insulation?

Showing signs that it is defective over time, the installation can cause problems. Some problems with cavity wall insulation which you may notice include:

  • Damp problems, caused by warm air condensing onto cold spots that haven’t been insulated correctly
  • Cold spots, possibly caused by areas of the wall that haven’t been insulated correctly
  • Damaged cavity wall insulation, due to flooding
  • Mould growth, due to the damp
  • Wet insulation, due to defective mortar and water penetration

Leading to damp, the cavity wall insulation can become wet and is likely to dry out when a property has been flooded. The high volume of water used to extinguish the flames in the event of a fire can also water-log the cavity wall insulation.

It is possible to remove the insulation, regardless of whether you have a mineral fibre, expanded polystyrene or urea-formaldehyde insulation. This is usually done by drilling back through the holes which were used for the original installation. A high-pressure vacuum machine is then used to suck the insulation out of the cavity.

If you have been suffering from cavity wall insulation problems visit to find out if you are entitled to claim compensation from poor installation.

Independent Loss Adjusters Working On Your Behalf

Public Loss Adjusters are a Claims Management team who have many years’ experience within the Insurance industry. We are experts in all areas of insurance claims including flood, fire and home insurance claims. We offer the general public a piece of mind as well as professional advice and guidance. With our expert knowledge and experience we are able to provide you with an outstanding outcome. As independent loss adjusters, we do not take instructions from your insurer so you can assured of a fair settlement. We offer a fully co-operative adjusting service making you feel comfortable and protected throughout your claim.

Our Claims Management team are loss adjusters that are experts in various fields. We can help you throughout your insurance claim, every step of the way. We advise the policyholder and the insurance company on all repair methods. After communicating with the policyholder, the expert’s work is to then speak with the insurance company in which speeds up the process of the insurance claim. All of our experienced Loss Adjusters.

Insurance Claims Management Services

Public Loss Adjusters are insurance claims management specialistsWe are able to fully service all of our client’s authority as well as using a direct approach to all involved. Loss Adjusters have much skill when it comes to insurance claims management. When your claim is in our hands we will fully discuss the circumstances of your claim with you and cover all important subjects. All aspects of the Insurance Claim will be handled by us. We will take you through the claim step by step giving you advice throughout.

We provide you with a cost-effective solution to a stressful situation. Our fully qualified Loss Adjusters can give clients advice on repair techniques as well as general information regarding your Insurance Claim. We will assess all of the damage and do our very best to make you feel most at ease. We also communicate with your Insurance Company. We have a very good reputation of providing our customers with a service delivered with excellence. We deliver a high level of professionalism to all our clients, as well as serving you on a personal approach. With expert Loss Adjusters across the UK, we are sure to have all you are seeking regarding your Insurance Claim.

Local Roofers Blackpool

Do you want a clean roof free from spores and moss? Then Roof Doctor can help. Roof Doctor is a roofing specialist in Blackpool, these professional contractors are experts in all things roofing from fascias and soffits to a full roof re-fit. No matter the size this Blackpool roofer can help.

Is your roof looking a little tired and could with a clean? Then Roof Doctor can help, they can power wash your roof to make it look like new. They will use their industrial power washer that eliminates all traces of moss, algae, lichen, dirt build up, carbonation and all other pollutions.

If you have any other questions or would like a free quote please visit the Roof Doctor Website.

Local Roofing Services in Blackpool

Roof Doctor won’t just stop there they will then clean out your guttering and fascias getting rid of any blockages. After this roofing company has finished spraying your roof they will then apply a biodegradable water based treatment that stops the development of spores or moss.

That’s not all these professional Blackpool based roofers can do, they also do flat roofing, dry verge, fascias and soffits, all repairs and guttering. If you have a problem that is not listed here then don’t worry give them a call and see if Roof Doctor can help you out.

After your roofing service is completed these professional roofing contractors will bag up all waste and debris ensuring that your home is clean before leaving ensuring a professional job all round.

All roofing contractors associated with Roof Doctor are fully qualified and work within all regulations and guidelines as the safety of all contractors and clients is paramount.

Everyone at Roof Doctor understands the importance of quality and they feel this should come first as without quality materials, craftsmanship and customer service you have nothing.

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